Bringing you Gluten Free Choices!

pizzerialocale Gluten-Free

We know what it’s like. You love pizza—especially the Neighborhood Neapolitan pizza you order from one of our neighborhood pizzerias here in Denver. There’s no substitute for our pizza, inspired as they are by the tastes and technique of Naples, Italy, fresh ingredients and perfect crust… But much as you love pizza, some of you also need to go gluten-free. We know how challenging that can be, and we’re here for you! 

Once upon a time, going gluten-free meant never enjoying a pizza again, since classic pizza dough is made with — flour, water, salt, and yeast. That’s all. It takes a lot of practice to make our four ingredient dough but the ingredients are high quality and simple. Flour is the first item on that list, but flour is what people with a gluten sensitivity need to avoid.

We have you covered. All of our delicious Neighborhood Neapolitan pizzas can be prepared with gluten-free crust, so you never have to give up your pizza cravings again! We’ve partnered with Wild Flour Bakery out of Longmont, Colorado, to offer a gluten-free crust (for an additional $4.00). The same gluten-free crust can also be the base for our delicious focaccia bread or Nutella pizza dessert. And, of course, our salads and budino desserts are always gluten-free.

Nothing says the weekend like pizza, and now you can celebrate along with everyone else as you order your favorite pizza—gluten-free!

Speaking of pizza…

Because most breads, doughs, and starch products are made from wheat, barley, or rye, any food item containing these ingredients isn’t gluten-free… and pizza crust is normally all about the gluten! Our partnership with Wild Flour Bakery provides a delicious gluten-free pizza crust and while we cannot guarantee a completely gluten-free environment, your pizza, salad, and dessert will be what you’ve come to expect from us… pizza perfection.

We opened Pizzeria Locale in 2011 to offer Neighborhood Neapolitan pizza in the neighborhood’s of Denver, and we’re still doing it now. We don’t compromise on the essentials: simple, fresh ingredients, cooked quickly to perfection in our specialized 700-degree oven.  And that’s what you’re still getting with our gluten-free pizza: all the authenticity, all the taste, all the deliciousness you’ve come to expect from us.

So imagine yourself enjoying an evening with us  , ordering whatever you want—the Diavola, with smoked mozzarella and chili flakes; the prosciutto and arugula; the classic margherita; or if you’re a pineapple fan, the Hawaiian—and knowing it will be prepared with the same care and attention as we give all our pizzas… and without going off your gluten-free diet. And since our salads and budinos are gluten-free as well, you can go ahead and make a meal of it!

Welcome back to Pizzeria Locale. Welcome back to pizza!