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Pizzeria Locale in Central Park

Come through the bright glass doors and—welcome to Pizzeria Locale at Central Park! We’re in the middle of quintessential Denver, with open spaces, creative people and organizations, and lots of energy. Come join us for a Pizza Margherita and see for yourself!

This area has provided a blueprint for urban development nationwide. Back in 1995, when Denver International Airport opened, the secondary airport—Stapleton International—was closed, and the city saw a unique opportunity to transform eight miles of runways, concourses, and terminals into a beautiful new community. The airport became the largest urban in-fill redevelopment in the country and, to this day, one of the largest in-fill projects anywhere. Pretty impressive!

Creative spaces

We’ll hardly touch on public art, because it’s everywhere in this neighborhood. But we have to give a shout-out to the Stanley Marketplace, a hub of community life with a spectacular events center, a marketplace, and an events line-up that’s second to none. Stanley originally began with a couple of neighbors who wanted to open a small beer hall, an initial idea that grew into something much more ambitious: a community-focused marketplace featuring over 50 independently owned local businesses under one fantastic roof. Concerts, workshops, dance classes and more are available, so check them out.

Green spaces

It’s a truism that in Denver you’re never very far from the greenway, and nowhere is that more evident than in the Central Park neighborhood. 

  1. Central Park: It’s a neighborhood for sure, but it’s also quite literally a park. It’s been called “80 acres of fun,” and we could hardly disagree. Denver’s third-largest park, Central Park attracts people from all over the city for sledding, boating, team sports, and its fantastic Dr. Seuss-inspired playground. 
  2. Greenway Park is a favorite with walkers and runners, but also features a skate park, dog park, community garden, observation tower, climbing wall, tennis courts, public art, and places for kids to play. Greenway also has some of the oldest mature trees in any city park.
  3. Westerly Creek is simply an experience: bike paths run along the creek and past public art installations, and you’re going to see a lot of wildlife hanging out with you along the way. Westerly Creek is additionally a natural water filtration system, cleaning storm-water runoff, feeding the landscape, and creating a healthy natural habitat for a number of species of birds and forest wildlife. (In fact, many of Denver’s neighborhood parks do something similar, filtering runoff water through sand and pipes.)

A little further away but so worth the visit is the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The arsenal was a United States chemical weapons manufacturing center operated by the United States Army throughout the 20th century and was controversial among local residents; it was finally closed in 1992 and is an outstanding 15,000-acre wildlife refuge. Take the refuge's eleven-mile Wildlife Drive from the comfort of your vehicle: you’ll see bison, deer, raptor birds, waterfowl and more! And if you want to get out into it all, there are trail heads throughout the refuge with 10 miles of trails for you to explore. 

Spaces to shop, drink, or just hang out

Hangar 2 is another remnant of the neighborhood's aviation history, a collection of locally owned restaurants and shops situated in and around a historic Air Force hangar.

For Denver’s most intimate concert experience, head over to the Soiled Dove Underground, featuring tiered levels with cabaret seating—there’s not a bad seat in the house, and the venue has a reputation for bringing in first-rate acts.

And if all the outdoor space isn’t your workout cup of tea, there’s the Bladium Sports and Fitness Club and the Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag just a few blocks away from the pizzeria!

We love this neighborhood, and we just know you will, too!