Spring seasonal pizza with pesto!

pizzerialocale Seasonal Pizza

It’s spring here in Colorado, and we are making springtime even better— by bringing you a special new seasonal pizza! Close your eyes and picture it… our beautiful Neapolitan crust, topped with basil pesto, Elevation Meats chorizo, and mascarpone, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses. Yum!

Pineapple or No Pineapple?

pizzerialocale Pizza Style

There’s an expression, “there’s no accounting for taste,” and in our business that’s particularly true. What is it that makes one person love a certain combination of flavors, while another person finds that combination inedible? Some folks want to put mushrooms, for example, on everything, while others would be grateful to never see another mushroom in their lives. To pineapple …

Red Pizza or White Pizza?

pizzerialocale Neighborhood Neapolitan

Pizza originated in Naples, Italy and subsequently spread through the Roman Empire (yes, it’s that old!). It captured the hearts and taste buds of the world, including the United States. But when most Americans think “pizza,” what they’re usually thinking about is pizza made with a base of tomato sauce, known as “red” pizza. If on the other hand you …