Pizzeria Locale

Like so many worthy obsessions, the Pizzeria Locale story begins in Italy.

Friends and business partners Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson found themselves lured back to Naples time and again, savoring the acclaimed pizza of the region. Already known for their James Beard Award-winning restaurant Frasca Food & Wine, the duo began to envision something very different: a simple neighborhood pizzeria in the style of those they were inspired by in Naples.

To capture the magic, they sent Jordan Wallace, Culinary Director, to immerse himself in Naples for half a year, learning the art of making dough and traditional topping combinations from local pizzaioli. Not spared from such hardship duty was Chris Donato, Brand Manager, who likewise steeped himself in the revered food traditions of Naples, Italy.

The team launched Pizzeria Locale’s first full-service location in Boulder in 2011 with Jordan as the opening Chef and Chris as the opening General Manager.Inspired to take the best of what they learned in Naples and make it accessible to all, Pizzeria Locale expanded in new partnership with Chipotle Mexican Grill, opening its first fast-casual location in May 2013. Featuring classic 4-ingredient dough, a simplified menu, and a revolutionary custom-designed oven that cooks pizzas within minutes, the team’s unique Neighborhood Neapolitan style pizza can now be enjoyed in locations throughout Denver.