PRIDE MONTH: Community Pizza Box partnership

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June is Pride Month, celebrating the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) people as a social group. Pride opposes shame and social stigma—yet mental health issues and substance abuse are among the challenges continuing to be faced by Colorado’s LGBTQ+ communities. Fortunately, there are local organizations working hard to change that!

This month, our Community Pizza Box Series is spot lighting Envision:You, a nonprofit organization committed to supporting members of the state’s LGBTQ+ community living with a mental health disorder and/or substance use disorder.

For all the increased visibility of the queer community, there are still significant barriers to acceptance, and these barriers can exacerbate or even cause mental health challenges. Pizzeria Locale is committed to being part of the solution.

What is Envision:You?

Envision:You provides education, training, and resources to expand the availability of culturally affirming treatment services and advocates for changes to local and state policies to advance equity for LGBTQ+ individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders. 

Envision:You educates the public about and builds awareness of mental health and substance use disorders and treatments; provides education, training, and resources, and advocates for change on a state and local level. Envision:You collaborates with partners and allies to enhance training, research, education, and resources to support LGBTQ+ Coloradans in achieving optimal mental health and wellbeing.

What’s the Pizzeria Locale partnership about?

We’ll be celebrating this partnership with a market-wide fundraiser on Tuesday, June 15th, when 33% of all sales from our four Denver pizzerias will going to Envision:You

All throughout June, our pizzas are served in a custom box designed by a local artist, Quána Madison, whose mission and philosophy both revolve around wellness through art and therefore reflect the Community Pizza Box purpose. The design features the pride rainbow accentuated by a scattering of black and brown stars to honor the essential political and cultural contributions of people of color in leading and advancing LGBTQ+ movements.

The boxes are available at all four Pizzeria Locale locations in Denver throughout the month, honoring the organization’s mission to support LGBTQ+ Coloradans in achieving optimal mental health and wellbeing.

How can I help?

You can start by spreading the word! Awareness is essential. And make sure you visit a Denver Pizzeria Locale on June 15th so that 33% of your purchase price can support Envision:You! All you have to do is either order at any Pizzeria Locale Denver location, or order direct through the Pizzeria Locale App or online.

You can also support Envision:You through the QR code on any of our designer pizza boxes.

Why it’s important

We’ll let Envision:You co-founder and CEO Steven Haden (he/him/his) tell you why. “Responding to the behavioral health concerns that members of the LGBTQ+ community encounter necessitates everyone coming together to address these complex issues,” he says. “Many different stakeholders can lead or participate in championing and implementing such solutions. We are grateful for our partnership with Pizzeria Locale to increase awareness, connect folks to affirming resources, and send a message that you are not alone. Effective partnerships are essential for community-based solutions for advancing mental health equity by making it a shared vision and value, increasing the community’s capacity to shape outcomes, and fostering multi-sector collaboration.”

The Community Pizza Box program was designed by Pizzeria Locale to raise awareness and funds for organizations helping people—and do it in a creative, fun way through art. This month’s partnership aligns perfectly with those goals, since Envision:You is committed to wellness for everyone—as is artist Quána Madison. We’re proud to be working together in supporting all kinds of mental wellness during this very special month!